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ShieldX® Cable Solution for signal loss from 4G LTE Applications

ShieldX® cable has enhanced shielding properties and a reduced preparation time. TFC has engineered a shielding-enhanced product with QuadShield RFI performance, TriShield configuration and ease of Dual-Shield preparation.  ShieldX® provides superior shielding capabilities for 4G LTE applications.


With the advanced rollout and proliferation of 4G/LTE networks, coax cable shielding effectiveness has increasingly become a concern. While signal ingress/egress has always been a problem, today’s advanced networks utilizing robust LTE signal/power (+23 dBm +/- 2dBm) for user equipment have exacerbated the issue. Poorly shielded coax cable, loose connectors, unterminated ports, and damage to coax cable caused by rodents have all contributed to signal ingress/egress problems often to the point where service is disrupted.



Lifetime® Cable Solution for moisture mitigation

lifeTime® feature acts as a lubricant, greatly improving connector installation.  The cable provides unparalleled protection against tape abrasion, resulting in unmatched shielding effectiveness over time.  lifeTime® additive is tacky, not sticky and does not transfer to hands, clothes or tools.  Plus it is safe for all aerial and indoor

installations, lifeTime® additive does not leak even at high temperatures



RodentRepel® Cable Solution for rodent damage

Times Fiber introduces a series of cable products, which are resistant to rodent chew and damage. This offering is available for both drop and hardline cable. The deterrent to rodent chew is achieved with the use of a non-hazardous, non-toxic, animal aversive additive. This additive is environmentally safe and is not harmful to birds or animals.  It is based on an optimized blend of a synthetic animal aversive olfactory component, a bitterrant, and other proprietary additives.



QCII Connector Solution for ingress and egress

TFC is proud to introduce the next level in continuous ground connector technology.  Like other continuous ground connectors, TFC QuickShield® connectors provide excellent shielding and digital tiliing/pixelation reduction, even in a loosened state.  Where QuickShield® connectors separate themselves from competitor offerings is the ability to maintain an air-tight mechanical seal when the continuous ground feature is engaged.



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