TX10 Hardline Trunk & Distribution Coaxial Cables
Times Fiber Communications, Inc. TX10 Hardline products include 0540, 0565, 0700, 0715, 0840 and 0860 sizes for today’s HFC networks. These product meet all industry standards, including ANSI / SCTE 15 2006, Specification for Trunk, Feeder and Distribution Coaxial Cables. These cables offer lower attenuation losses in relationship to the product physical sizes as compared to original T10 products. They are ideal for urban and coastal environments, feeder, or underground applications. They are resistant to extensive mechanical abuse and rodent attacks. Cables are manufactured with a seamless extruded aluminum outer sheath. This feature in combination with the TFC triple-bond process, offers superior mechanical strength and handling. Cables are specified for 5-1002 MHz bandwidth for all rebuilds, upgrades, or new plants and allow a system to handle future demands. They are fully compatible with existing preparation tools and connectors. Available in multiple configurations for your specific application needs, i.e. aerial (jacket), burial, armored, and self-supported.

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