News Updates

RodoRepel Squirrel

RodentRepel™ - Rodent Repellant Coax - Times Fiber Communications, Inc. introduces a series of products, which are resistant to rodent chew and damage. This offering is available for both drop and hardline products.

Hardline Trunk & Distribution Coaxial Cables - Times Fiber Communications, Inc. introduces three new sizes to the Low-Loss TX10 product series. These new sizes are 0540, 0715, and 0860, and meet all industry standards, including ANSI / SCTE 15 2006, Specification for Trunk, Feeder and Distribution Coaxial Cables. Cables are uniquely manufactured with a seamless extruded aluminum outer sheath, as compared to RF welded aluminum strip of other manufacturers. This feature in combination with the TFC triple-bond process, offers superior mechanical strength and handling. They are fully compatible with existing preparation tools and connectors. Available in multiple configurations for your specific application needs.


Bundled Headend Cables - Times Fiber Communications, Inc. introduces bundled headend coaxial cables for today’s broadband technologies. Headends are continually upgrading their signal processing equipment to enhance performance. These upgrades often require re-routing dozens of coaxial cables within the headend to equipment 50 feet away or more. Routing these cables can be very labor intensive and are commonly a large source of cost. This is why TFC has developed a series of headend cable “bundles” which group a number of cables within a common PVC jacket. TFC’s bundled cables minimize the number of cable “pulls” required by headend operators to connect their equipment, thereby reducing time, and cost. TFC currently offers the following configurations for all of its headend coaxial cable:
• Series 59 Headend or 75 Ω Mini-Series Headend Coaxial Cables
• Individually colored cables with a black outer PVC jacket
• Individually-numbered cables of uniform color with an identically-colored outer jacket