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Times Fiber Communications, Inc. is committed to the continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to assure that we will meet or exceed all requirements of performance, reliability and quality.

Times Fiber Amphenol is a global manufacturer of high quality cables, fiber optic management equipment, and interconnect products for cable television, satellite, data, and powering applications for CATV communications networks. World headquarters are in Wallingford, CT with operations located in Virginia, Connecticut, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and China exporting to more than 100 countries around the globe.


The Company’s extensive line of cable and connector products includes T10 coaxial trunk, distribution, and drop cables; TX low-loss coaxial trunk and distribution cables; Flexible Feeder cables, the engineered alternative for MDU applications; Teledrop coaxial/twisted pair composite cables; coaxial cables for centralized powering; fiber optic cable assemblies, attenuators, and couplers/splitters; coaxial jumper assemblies; high-speed data kits; premise CATV interconnect components including splitters, directional couplers, amplifiers, and enclosures.


TFC/Amphenol is recognized worldwide as one of the pioneer developers of CATV cable technology and has to its credit a long list of technical expertise in foam polymer processing, application-specific product development, and unsurpassed, world-class customer service and support.

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