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Automotive Cable Solutions

Make TFC “the first choice” for automotive cable solutions for your applications.


As automotive/vehicle manufacturers continue to add new technology & communication/information systems, expanded entertainment options, and critical safety systems to your car or truck, the need for bandwidth grows…Times Fiber Communications (TFC) offers Automotive cable solutions to support the bandwidth these systems demand.



TFC has you covered...


Whether it’s traditional AM/FM radio, satellite radio, OnStar or other Cellular & GPS systems; or in-car Wi-Fi hotspots, camera systems (back-up and 360 view), and V2X (vehicle to everything) communication, TFC coaxial cables are engineered to exceed the system level requirements demanded by the automakers.


TFC offers solutions in a variety of sizes (2.8mm-6mm OD) and impedance matches (50, 75, and 125 ohm), to provide the optimal packaging size vs. performance for each automotive application. TFC also provides customized solutions to solve your challenges.



TFC coaxial cables are designed and validated to the OEM’s system-level specifications, while addressing the requirements of the automotive supply chain, including efficient cable processing (cut/strip/connector assembly), and installation into the vehicle as part of the wire harness, or as a stand-alone system. TFC cables are tested to demonstrate they withstand the mechanical, electrical/performance, and environmental requirements demanded by the product lifecycle of each vehicle.

TFC is uniquely positioned as an automotive supplier...With a global manufacturing footprint to support automotive programs/platforms worldwide.


TFC has a long and successful history of supplying global automotive communications market. TFC has a demonstrated track record of supporting global OEM’s and their supply chain, with consistent, certified automotive quality & on-time delivery.


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